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Al Abiq

With my authentic floral aroma,
I will reveal to you the alluring magic of the Middle East.

This fragrance commences with a whisper of warm notes of Cloves, Taif Rose, Carnation and then blooms to reveal a woody base of Sandalwood and Amber.

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Al Athal

I am the bridge between Arabia’s rich past and modern present. With my captivating scent I will show you the best of both worlds.

A complex composition of heady smoke trails steeped with traditional aromatic Luban incense combined with precious Amber, Cloves and Musk.

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Al Azal

I am an oud fragrance that takes you to a unique world where glamour flourishes in every word of your story.

The timeless ingredients of Saffron and Cardamom allow the Oriental facet of this fragrance to emerge whilst the Vanilla and Praline add an enchanting and surprising touch.

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Al Barez

I tell a timeless love story of that special moment, of new beginnings and everlasting harm.

The perfect marriage of citrusy top notes and a deep base of Patchouli.
The scent blossoms into floral notes of Jasmine and Violet.

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Al Ezz

I paint a vivid picture of a breathtaking view, of clear skies and golden sunrays.
I inspire nature’s most beautiful sceneries and its most captivating smells.
The woody Cedarwood note of this fragrance is beautifully complimented by Vanilla and Apricot, giving a sweet and sublime scent. The Ylang-Ylang
adds a touch of rich floral aroma.

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Al Laylaa

A genuine Arabic fragrance, I am a treasure of Arabian nights under the blanket of a starry sky.
An enchanting scent reminiscent of beautiful Arabian nights, this fragrance opens up with the exquisite notes of Cardamom, with a vibrant Rose heart and a deep and delightful base of Vanilla and Sandalwood.

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Al Nobl

I am a beautiful oasis,
where fragrant flowers stand tall and proud, surrounded by the desert’s vast red dunes and valleys.
A sharp zest of life brought by citrusy top notes, combined with a strong base of Cedarwood and Sultan. They are then softened
by the delicate scent of Lily of the Valley.

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Al Thara

The perfect choice when seeking elegance.
Allow me to take your mind and soul on a colourful journey through magnificent palaces.
A rich fragrance that takes you on a sensory journey with notes of Raspberry, Jasmine and Sandalwood,
creating a feast of scents and textures.

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